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The report & the reels provided by the researcher were valuable to us, specifically the sections on Mental model of the users, Observations with respect to the problem statement, & Suggested TODOs. We also liked the turnaround time and quality. Also liked the verbatim that was added.

Mohit Rathi
VP - Customer Growth & Engagement, Porter (Logistics)

The findings and observations made in each theme were good as it not only tells what is the problem and even sheds light on why it is the problem - why that kind of issue is being raised for the user.

Manju Rawat,
User Researcher, Jar (Fintech)

The insights presented by Vire gave our brand’s merchandising, marketing and operations team a better understanding of the direction in which they should move forward. The research done was thorough and presented with opportunities and details that a business often tends to miss out on. Not did they just share a report on the research we had asked them to do but they stepped ahead and presented some extra inputs on areas to improve for better conversion rates and consumer experience

Arpit Poddar,
Founder, Athlizur (D2C commerce)

Case study

Problem statement: Why are users cancelling the ride after making a booking?

Industry: Mobility

Actionable Insights:
1. Connection establishment rate between users and hosts is poor - Inability to connect with host is decreasing user's confidence and certainty about whether they’d be able to get the vehicle on time or not. Leading to this being the largest cause of cancellation.

2. Discovery of nearby vehicles is difficult - Users are looking for rental vehicle nearby to decrease their cost of travel, that’s why they are trying to rent a vehicle in the first place. If location is faraway, pickup and drop at times result in additional 30% costs

Contact us: nitin@vireinsights.com

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