Product Analytics for
AI Copilots.

Track key product metrics, uncover topics & sessions leading to churn, and curate model evaluation and fine-tuning data automatically from your user chats

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How it Works

Measure User Engagement and Performance

Track daily usage and user sentiment, group chat data from user sessions into topics and sub-topics to uncover common patterns

Don't miss even a single user signal

Create and start tracking custom events and topics in your app to keep a close eye on where your model is performing poorly

Continuously improve your model with automated workflows

Export the labelled session logs to explore on you own or connect it to your APIs to directly feed them into your fine-tuning pipeline

Frequently asked questions

How is Vire different from traditional product analytics tools?
Traditional tools are designed to monitor and analyze structured user inputs and journeys, they are not well-suited for unstructured data like user chat sessions and audio responses.
What product metrics can I track using Vire ?
Some of the important metrics you can track with Vire:

Response Evaluation: did my model successfully resolved the user's query ?
User feedback: thumbs up/down from the user, or when the user thanks the model
Message Regeneration rate: how many times did the user re-prompt the model with a slight change
Topic categorization: what topics are my users querying, and where is the model failing?

and many more!
How does it help me improve my model?
With Vire Insights, you can get deep visibility into how your model is performing, identify major areas that need attention, and build fine-tuning pipelines easily to make improvements to your model.
Can Vire help with evaluating my model output?
With Vire, you can filter by topics and bookmark the chats where the model is not performing well, and use them as evaluation sets when you make upgrades to your model.
Is there a free trial available?
Yes, it'll be available really soon. Please get in touch with us in case you want early access!
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